Speed and ease of use is critical for any productivity system, and Getting Things Done® is no different. In a dynamic, rapidly changing environment being able to quickly and effectively leverage your trusted GTD system can be critical.

You can quickly navigate between Viira's 4 main views by using the following shortcuts:

The most frequently-used actions are also accessible through convenient shortcuts throughout the application

  • ALT-N creates a new task. In Projects View and Contexts View ALT-N creates a new project or context, respectively.
  • ALT-A creates a new appointment.
  • VolumeDown moves a task or an appointment one position down in the task list for a given project, context and day as well as in Tasks View.
  • VolumeUp moves a task or an appointment one position up the list of tasks. Lets you assign Next Actions quickly.
  • SPACE toggles a task or an appointments as complete/not complete.
  • DELETE prompts for the deletion of the item you have selected.
  • ENTER opens the selected item.

Day View Shortcuts

Viira also offers a few shortcuts that make revewing your day's commitments in Viira's Day View even faster. The shortcuts are on consecutive keys on your keyboard for faster and more intuitive navigation.

  • ALT-J Navigates to the Previous Day in Day View.
  • ALT-K Navigates to Today.
  • ALT-L Opens the Next Day.

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